Monday, 14 November 2011

A proper letter

Last time I saw mum she raved about this book. She lent me her copy. I loved it so much I now want my own. At the same time mum also made sure all the letters I've been storing at home are now here with us. I am currently trying to go through over 20years of letters. Wish me luck as I try to decide which to throw and which to keep. So, as well as loving this passage it also seemed relevant. Thinking about all the different papers used to write these many letters.

"Nonetheless, as she read them over and over, she forgot for a moment where she was and she could picture her mother in the kitchen taking her Basildon Bond notepad and her envelopes and setting out to write a proper letter with nothing crossed out. Rose, she thought, might have gone into the dining room to write on paper she had taken home from work, using a longer, more elegant white envelope than her mother had. " Colm Toibin Brooklyn

Have you read Brooklyn? If you have what did you feel/think? If you haven't please do and then write about it so I can think about it more.


  1. I haven't read it before, but it's now on my list. Whilst I love the immediacey of email, nothing will ever be so evocative as opening a crackling envelope.
    Don't envy you your task!

  2. Oh, I loved Brooklyn! Here is my review from a couple of years ago.

  3. Tonia The task is now completed & I now have my evenings back, as well as a refreshed memory & fondness for dear friends.
    JoAnn Oh thank you for posting your link. Off to read it now.


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