Monday, 21 November 2011

The Magic Season

I finally managed to find a second hand copy of The Third Miss Symon's. There are two pages that a previous reader has turned down. Both of them mention Jane Eyre. (I'm intrigued why?) At the same time I read two really good posts on the Brontes. All this is really making me want to re read it in 2012.

'...Henrietta discovered that heroines after the sixteenth birthday are likely to be pestered with adorers. The heroines, it is true, were exquisitely beautiful, which, Henrietta knew she was not, but from a study of "Jane Eyre" and "Vilette" in the holidays, Charlotte Bronte was forbidden at school owing to an excess of passion, Henrietta realised that the plain may be adored too, so she had a modest hope that when the magic season of young ladyhood arrived, a Prince Charming would come and fall in love with her.' F.M. Mayor The Third Miss Symons

Do the books we read when 'the magic season of young ladyhood arrives' help or hinder us?


  1. I love the line "the plain may be adored too" - just wonderful.
    Young ladyhood is such a rollercoaster, I found books helped me make sense of it, or at least not feel so alone while it was going on. But, oh, am I ever glad that it's behind me now!
    Thank you for the link!

  2. Such a good question you ask at the end. I know I was greatly helped by reading Madame Bovary at the tender age of 17. I knew then that I never wanted to engander myself with illicit love, or discontent, as she did.

    So glad that you're interested in the Venice in February Challenge. We'll have so much fun together!

  3. Tonia - And links to your last post about your daughter. Yes the not feeling alone is so important.
    Bellezza - Yes & then I discovered that we have a copy of the Ian McEwan novel too.

  4. Hello Joan and thank you for the kind compliment! I hope you enjoy re-reading 'Jane Eyre', and that you post your thoughts.

    Such a good question! I didn't enjoy my young ladyhood wildly, I'd had a lovely childhood and didn't appreciate being forced to leave it. So books were a great consolation to me, feeling alienated as I did from much of teenage culture.

  5. Helen Oh I do like your phrase 'young ladyhood'.

  6. Eh, I stole it from Tonia in her first comment!


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