Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Month of November

It started with The Ofsted Telephone Call. So the first week was lost with school.
As a Friday end of Ofsted treat I bought this lovely perfume bottle. Mooched in Selfridges and then met a friend for supper at The Waterloo Bar and Kitchen.
Saturday a day of epic sleeping. Sunday a gentle mooch around Greenwich.
Thankfully we had a day off for Eid on the Monday. Meeting a dear friend for lunch at Peter Jones. I'd quite like to work a four day week.
Meeting my dear dear old colleagues at Royal Festival Hall Bar for drinks and more importantly catch up and friendship.
Supper with Warmth's old school friends at Browns.
A day trip to Margate to visit Turner Contemporary. Lunch in the cafe. Stunning sea views. A mooch around old town in the shops and then tea and teacakes at The MadHatters Tea Place. It was truly mad.
Book Club meet and discuss of Snowdrops and the chance to walk and admire Fortnum & Mason Christmas windows.
A coffee meet at The Albion with Anna. It turned into a little bit of a Carol Ann Duffy appreciation society.
Purchasing a new beret and scarf. Both grey with tiny flecks of silver in them. My take on the glitter theme this season.
A Friday evening shop in Liberty's and Paperchase - getting our Christmas card pieces together for a weekend of making.
An evening with Warmth's eldest brother and wife. Wandering the streets of Hither Green for Lee Open Studio. How lovely to mooch knowing that if we had seen something we do have a litttle 'need' to buy. Alas all our favourite prints and paintings had already been sold. The evening finished with a warming curry.
Starting to find a church to call home in our new area.
An afternoon wrapping up the garden for winter.
Meeting a dear friend for an early supper along Bermondsey Street and eating at Zucca.
A Friday evening cinema trip to see The Help.
A perfect Saturday. First stop to The Book Club for Patchwork Harmony's Merry Magpie Christmas Boutique. Should have been buying gifts for others. Alas two things for me, a lovely tote and bird trays for my dressing table. Then I hopped on the bus and stopping off at Bea's of Bloomsbury for a coffee before meeting a friend for a trip along Lambs Conduit Street, a pop into Ben Penreath, Something and of course Persephone for Persephone Secret Santa. We had a lovely chat about PSS too. Then finally onto Cockpit Arts where it felt a little like one gift for others, one gift for me. After all that we needed cocktails and food. Hurrah for The Zetter and Morito.
A very festive Sunday. Coffee from a Starbucks red cup, a Pret turkey sandwich, Christmas shopping in John Lewis and then an Advent Carol service.
The month ended with this.
An delicious orange, plum and almond cake from River Cafe made easy. I had said that November was a no entertaining month and it shows in the cooking.
Books read The Ladies of Lyndon by Margaret Kennedy. That's all I've read in November? I am finding it a alow book. Has anyone else read it?
Wow it's been a long month. How was your November?


  1. Oh, I wish I lived in London! I'm fond of Stella McCartney perfume, too. Beautiful rose scent.

  2. Oh Ofsted and then yesterday - that's not the nicest of ways to book-end a month! Glad you managed to fit in so many other wonderful things to make up for it.
    A tricksy month over here - more next week.

  3. Dear dear lovely Cockpit arts day .... now it feels like the Advent season is upon us - thank you lovely xxxx

  4. What a busy month Rachel - you manage to pack so many lovely social things in.

  5. Nicola Wearing it gives me a little extra spring in my step. Where do you live?
    Tonia Thank you for your kind thoughts & hope the weeks improve for you.
    Sarah We may go to Deptford tonight for a double dose. Lovely day out.
    Verity Thank you. Happy Advent party to you!

  6. A lovely way to spend November!

    I have read 'The Ladies of Lyndon'! I don't know anyone else who has. I hope you are enjoying it, even if you find it slow. I thought it was marvellous, and very perceptive.

  7. Helen It's getting better but I now just want to finish it!

  8. It sounds like you had a lovely November. What were your thought on The Help? I adored it!

  9. A Bookish Place I too loved the film. Perfect Friday evening cinema. I loved, & am trying to remember the three words she instilled in the child she cared for 'You are good, you are kind, you are important' I think. Do correct me if I'm wrong.


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