Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just another Autumn day

We haven't had any poetry for a while, I think we can just about still call it autumn and there's a lot going on in our world so here is

Just another Autumn day by Roger McGough

In Parliament, the Minister
for Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness
announces, that owing to
inflation and rising costs
there will be no Autumn
next year. September, October
and November are to be
cancelled, and the Government
to bring in the nine-month year instead.
Thus we will all live longer.

Emergency measures are to be
introduced to combat outbreaks
of well-being, and feelings
of elation inspired by the season.
Breathtaking sunsets will be
restricted to alternate Fridays
and gentle dusks prohibited.
Fallen leaves will be outlawed
and persons found in possession
of conkers, imprisoned without trial.
Thus we will all work harder.

The announcement caused little reaction.
People either way don't really care
No time have they to stand and stare
Looking for work or slaving away
Just another Autumn day.


How will our world be next autumn?


  1. Wonderful poem - very much one to raise a smile despite all the uproar and uncertainty. And, even if made illegal, I shall still gather conkers!

  2. Dear Tonia - I thought you'd like this poem. So glad you do. I shall still search for the 'gentle dusks'.

  3. What a fantastic little poem! And Lord knows where we'll all be at this time next year. I quite like Autumn, once I get used to the idea!

  4. Potter - Now we're gathering pace to winter I'm longing for the crisp, sunny autumnal days.


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