Monday, 29 November 2010

Seasonal Roar

"Imagine a morning in late November. A coming of winter morning... Consider the kitchen of a spreading old house in a country town. A great black stove is its main feature; but there is also a big round table and a fireplace with two rocking chairs placed in front of it. Just today the fireplace commenced its seasonal roar...
It's always the same: a morning arrives in November, and my friend, as though officially inaugurating the Christmas time of year that exhilarates her imagination and fuels the blaze of her heart, announces: 'It's fruitcake weather! Fetch our buggy. Help me find my hat.' Truman Capote A Christmas Memory



  1. Having crunched through some left-over snow whilst walking the dog, I can confirm that It IS fruitcake weather!

  2. Capote's A Christmas Memory is wonderful! Time for a reread...

  3. Yup it is definitely time for our fireplace to make its seasonal roar. We had the chimney swept before the holiday so we could start enjoying that cozy crackle as soon as we get home. My favorite time of year for sure. Now I just need some snow!

  4. Beautiful...I really felt the season approaching. Those days were so different, but I just love bringing in the olden days into the now days. Like continued traditions of homemade soup, and my mothers bread recipe. Those are the things, for me, that really make the holidays special.

    Julie xo

  5. These words made me picture the house in White Christmas :) Oh how I LOVE Christmastime!

  6. Dunno about the fruitcake, but we've had lots of open fires, candlelight, snuggly blankets and home-made soups recently.


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