Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Room With A View Memories

As we walked, observed, felt and smelt our way around Florence glimpses of the book came back to me. So here are my A Room With A View Moments from our trip.

I think they were more Eleanor Lavish, than the Miss Allens, even though there were two of them. Two American women living in Florence at the bar in our hotel. Struck up conversation with a couple by saying
"Can you answer a bet - are you on honeymoon?" After that they proceeded to give travel and restaurant advice.

Said honeymoon couple in our hotel.

Discussing Postcards in Piazza Santa Croce - just where Lucy dropped her postcards....

Mr. Eager would have been the character to over hear this comment and retell it countless times.
A British school girl half way around The Uffizi, I think on an art trip as they all had sketch books, saying to her friend as she looked at a Madonna painting.
"Who is this Madonna? Is she our Madonna? The Madonna?"
(We think she meant Madonna Louise Ceccione)

A huge thunderstorm with great cracks of thunder and lightening. Thankfully we were safe in our hotel room and not out in a carriage.

Seeing a couple sitting on Mackintosh squares.

Lazing in bed on the last morning hearing Puccini's Oh Mio bambino caro

Being in Florence with the man I love.


  1. What lovely real memories mingled in with literary ones. A thunderstorm in Florence - fantastic! It's not often one has the opportunity to be glad of not being out in a carriage but I think that it's legitimate here!
    Hope you enjoyed the Uffizi - I did but was a bit overwhelmed by seeing the whole thing in one go, ran out of energy towards the end - I will have to go back one day...

  2. What a lovely look back on your trip! Love the Maddona conversation, too funny!

  3. So absolutely romantic. I think I was there, just for a second, while reading.

    Julie xo


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