Friday, 19 November 2010


We've just had the Ofsted telephone call so I shall disappear for a few days. I shall make sure I find time to remember this poem, another one mother sent me, each day.


Next day
the angel of tranquility was with us.
Great golden wings were spread above.
And in their tender shadows
the glory of the hunble things
of daily life shone forth.

Each cup became a chalice
each chair a chariot
and on the radio they played
the music of the spheres.

Mercedes Ciaraso


I hope the angel of tranquility is with you today too.


  1. It certainly is! Good luck with Ofsted - remember those visitations from my days as a TA, so will keep fingers crossed that it's quick and painless for you!

  2. Good luck - I hope it goes ok. My Mum used to work on the "other side"...

  3. Oh yes, I could use some tranquility today! Hopefully this weekend the angel will visit me.

  4. What a great mum! I would love for the angel of tranquility to descend here, but I don't see him/her just yet....

  5. good luck!!! I love the poem.

  6. Lovely poem! What is Ofsted? Sounds exciting after I read all the comments and your poem! Have a wonderful week, friend.
    Julie xo


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