Friday, 13 August 2010

Unknown Seas

Chatting with a dear friend at a party about 'when will I meet someone?' reminded me of these two quotes from Charles Dickens which comforted me. I tried to quote them to her but I'd drunk a little too much fizz.

'How can we tell what coming people are aboard the ships that may be sailing to us now from unknown seas?'

'Him who is coming to court and marry me'
'When is he coming?... Where is he coming from?'
'Why good gracious, how can I tell? He is coming from somewhere or other, I suppose, and he is coming some day or other, I suppose. I don't know any more about him at present.' Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend



  1. Love that photo. And those quotes are lovely. My husband and I were friends before we dated and if anyone would have told me when we first met that we would be married some day I would have thought they had lost their mind. You really never know what life has in store for you, or when.

  2. Such a delightful poem! Hope your weekend is going beautifully well! x


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