Thursday, 12 August 2010

Date Night

Out on the SouthBank meeting a friend and it seemed to be date central. The sun was shining, everyone was smiling and thinking about dating reminded me of this quote.
'I considered ducking the appointment, but eventually decided to let the heart speak, and rolled up. I had after all, spent three days wondering what it would be like to be married to her.' Julian Barnes Metroland


Does this ring true with you?

I spent ages trying to find the right image. In the end I chose this but I still get a little 'ooh' when it enters my line of vision plus it's on The SouthBank.


  1. The imagining part of a new relationship is so often the best part!

  2. Dreaming of being married yes. Living together we don't do date nights but this post has made me want to make that effort. Thank-you!

  3. It's not just about potential romance that brings these anticipations - I find its true about job ads, movies, and restaurants....


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