Wednesday, 23 June 2010

History of the world in 100 objects

The British Museum and Radio Four are in the middle of a series called 'The History of the World in a 100 Objects'. I was baking my birthday picnic cakes, using my Grandmother's electric hand mixer, whilst listening to this programme and it made me think. Firstly about the family history behind that object. Was it the first one my Grandmother had? What difference did it make to her baking life? All the thoughts and cakes, hopes and dreams that happened with it. This would be especially true with Granny as she shows her love through baking. And when she became too old to bake, I was just beginning and so inherited it. I still use it. I treasure it even more that she's frail, her memory is disappearing she's still Granny but oh so different.
So it holds great family history. However it holds social history too. It's brown and a 'Curry's' home brand. And yet it also holds world history. On the side it says 'Made in Yugoslavia'.

So, although I may lust over a kitchen aid

I shall remain faithful to Granny's.

What object holds history for you?


  1. My husband's grandpa was known for his fantastic pancakes, they were so good even my mom who is not a fan of pancakes loved his. He has passed on, and we are now the proud owners of one of his spatulas. We always think of him as we enjoy our weekend pancakes, and that spatula really is the best it flips so perfectly! We are more careful with that spatula than we are with our dinnerware, but we make sure to use it because grandpa would want it that way.

  2. How funny...I actually just found this podcast on itunes and downloaded it!

    My grandfather had an electric milkshake maker, and he used to make us the best milkshakes whenever we visited. My mom ended up inheriting it and used to make us the same milkshakes when we got sick, and I actually found the updated model and received it as a wedding gift.


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