Thursday, 3 June 2010

Perfect Age

Twin and I celebrate our birthday today. And so a quote about age seemed appropriate.

'It's as if everyone has a perfect age to which they aspire, and they're only truly at ease with themselves when they get there.' Julian Barnes Metroland

I think I'm in my 'perfect age'. I think it started when I entered my thirties. There are fleeting moments when I wish I'd met Warmth earlier. Then I think of all the journeys, friends, experiences I'd have missed out on. All of which have formed the woman I am today.

A toast to always making the best of our age.


  1. That is an interesting quote. I'm not sure I have a perfect age in mind, but if there is one I know I haven't been there yet so I suppose that is a good thing. Another thing to look forward to in a way.
    Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a lovely day, and a wonderful year to come!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! And how lovely to be a twin.... I have twin daughters, and my sisters are twins. It's a special bond, indeed.

  3. Thank you. Wow JoAnn you're surrounded by twins - it is special.


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