Tuesday, 27 April 2010


The oldest Blessing is reading. And is reading well. She's able to say which books she likes and wishes to read again. She read a book to me when we saw her last. I hope it's the first of many. I know that Twin, Nana and I wish her a lifetime of... Enjoyment. Escaping. Thinking. Day Dreaming. Imagining. Learning. And so much more.
'When we first read, we have won our freedom from adults: they no longer control what we learn, what we feel.' J. Jordan Vogue October 1996.

Dearest Blessing - I wish you a library and life time full of books. Check out the chandelier too.

Today Twin sent me a photo of Blessing at the hair dressers reading her first Hello magazine. For isn't that what reading is also all about? Magazines... Blogs....


  1. Oh I love that quote so much!! That is exactly how I felt when I learned to read. I basically taught myself with help from a learn to read workbook when I was little. I was so tired of being quiet while the adults read their grown up things (my family is big into reading and there is to be no little kid chatter in the afternoons when there is coffee and a book or Newsweek). It felt so great to be able to read my own thing, I even took to reading at odd times just so I could shush the adults for once!!

  2. What a great story - really made me smile imagining a child shushing adults.


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