Friday, 30 April 2010


So the last day of April and our last Enchanted April quote.
'It had been funny and delightful, that little interlude of admiration... How warm, though, things like admiration and appreciation made one feel, how capable of really deserving them, how different, how glowing... She still buzzed, she still tingled, just at the remembrance. What fun it had been, having an admirer even for that little while. No wonder people liked admirers. They seemed in some strange way, to make one come alive. Although it was all over she still glowed with it and felt more exhilarated, more optimistic.' Elizabeth von Arnim The Enchanted April

Some beautiful Italian villas to gaze upon, to relax, to make one tingle and glow, to come alive...

To wake from a restful, peaceful sleep with a day ahead of nothing...

Oh to eat a leisurely breakfast with a warm breeze through the doors...

To walk through these cool arches. Whose feet have walked here before me?

To rest in the shade.

To swim in the pool. admire the landscape.

DayDream... Admire...

Wishing you an Enchanted May too.


  1. This is really lovely! Makes me wish for an Italian holiday, afternoons filled with warmth, chatter, wine, cheese and prosciutto!

  2. Holy Moly! How absolutely weird. The second two pictures (the kitchen and the one below it with the arches)is a 7-bedroom house just outside of Siena. I have stayed there twice for two weeks each time. The house and grounds are absolutely amazing. One of those places that was even better in person than in pictures. And so convenient to so many great places in Tuscany. Sigh. We were supposed to go back in 2009 for my 40th birthday, but the economy meant that too many folks could no longer afford to help us fill those 7 bedrooms.

    Also somewhat oddly, I just bought Enchanted April today at a second hand shop.


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