Monday, 24 September 2012

full of light and silver

Are you enjoying the new series of Downton Abbey? Sunday evenings once more have a rhythm to them.

'I must agree with you when you speak of beautiful furniture. Who does not enjoy food upon shining tables with glass full of light and silver - Ah! ....'the sensation of the fingers of a well-polished silver-spoon!'
'But,' he said dramatically, 'what shall happen when the tables no longer shine, when those who clean them are taken from you and there is no time to sit and polish spoons?'... 
'Then how terrible to see the table dull, to see, perhaps scratches, to know you cannot preserve the beauty you enjoy, because there is no time in the day for so much. No, no,' he went on, 'that shall not happen, that must not. Silver and shining mahogany and bright glass must remain in memory beautiful, and not be seen in actuality smeared and unkept. I like better to have this table' - he smote the deal with vigour - 'which is so clean, and to see my good friend en casserole, rather than to have it made lordly and perhaps cold in a silver dish not well cleaned!' Jocelyn Playfair A house in the country

I think this story line might be one hear more of this season. 


  1. We must wait until January for season 3 to reach the US... I'm counting the days!!

    1. JoAnn - For once we have something before our friends over the pond.

  2. Joan, you are so lucky to be watching season 3 of Downton. I can't wait until it starts here! I was happy that Maggie Smith won an Emmy award last night. Great quote!

  3. *whispers it* I've never seen Downtown, but I love Maggie Smith, how did this happen?

    1. Lilac - hurrah for DVD boxsets should you ever wish to watch it.


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