Monday, 20 June 2011


'Ah, there he was! He had come into the centre court to play a single. He was pulling his sweater over his head. There were his arms and his neck...
Noel Yarde began to serve. Jane was astounded by his speed and strength... Her eyes darted after him wherever he went; she never looked at the other player.
Goodness, but he was beautiful! She had not known he was so beautiful as this; his lean hips, his long stretch of arm and leg, the way his head was set on his neck. How he played! His shirt hung wetly to his back. Was he winning? Jane hadn't an idea, and daren't ask. Her eyes followed him unceasingly.'
Dorothy Whipple High Wages

Ralph Lauren

Who will be your Wimbledon heart throb this year?


  1. Actually, Wimbles bores me witless, but the sporting event I shall watch is the British Open which takes place next month at Sandwich, Kent. Now that really is a sporting event to watch, tee-hee!
    Margaret P

  2. Margaret My parents live very near Sandwich and are thinking of disappearing somewhere whilst it's on. Hope the golf is good.


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