Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Twin I celebrated our birthday together by visiting 'The Red House'. Oh the gardens....
Whilst walking along one wonderful footpath the senses were awakened first by the most amazing scent and then the bright yellow of Mimosa.
I then read this passage in one of my birthday books.
'There was a barrow full of spring flowers just opposite.
'Oh, look, mimosa!' I exclaimed... 'I must have some.'
'I couldn't resist it,' I said. 'It makes one think....'
'Of Italy and the Riviera, of course.'
...'It's just that it seemed such a lovely day and I felt I wanted it.'
'Yes, that's a better reason.'
Barbara Pym Excellent women

The coincidence of this, along with it being one of The colours this summer, loving the scent so much and having a lovely new phone I took a picture....

And then Rose posted about L'Artisan Parfumeur's scent Mimosa Pour Moi.

And so this post had to be written.


  1. I just love anything 'Arts and Crafts movement' and would dearly love to visit Morris's house - in fact I would like to live in it!

  2. I used to work at Red House! Such a beautiful place and I adored every minute of it. It's such a surprise to find it hidden behind those ordinary looking suburban streets, isn't it?!

  3. Mimosa always make me think of my mom, she adores them! There used to be a fantastic mimosa festival on the seacoast when I was little and she would always get so excited for it and fill the whole house! I can almost smell them right now just thinking about that.

  4. potterjotter - oh yes The Red House and gardens are most definately a home to be lived in...
    bookssnob - Oh so true I thought we'd taken a wrong turning it didn't feel possible to find a NT property along such an everyday street. Lucky you for working there.
    hiphip - Wow a mimosa festival - now there's something.

  5. Chanel has a new yellow nail polish called Mimosa. Just thought I'd throw that in;-)

  6. Nicola - the link saying 'The colours this season' should have taken you to the Chanel Mimosa page.. alas either myself or blogger were having a funny moment when posting and so it doesn't work!
    Are you tempted by Mimosa nails?


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