Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Peaches on the lawn

I really enjoyed The Rector's Daughter and for a novel about people who live their lives somewhat frugallythere were two mentions of peaches...

'the year went round with its accustomed routine:... summer treats; garden- and tennis-parties,... the Clerical Book Club tea, with peaches on the lawn;

There are some peaches in the tent. I always think the one point of a party is the peaches.' F.M. Mayor The Rector's Daughter


Which fruit are you looking forward to eating most this summer?


  1. We are enjoying lovely white peaches from M and S this week :)

  2. I just love blueberries - the bigger the better and just eat them like sweets (though now I feel I should wash them (and everything else!) before I scoff!

  3. Peaches are definitely high on my list, but I think apricots are the winner for my summer treats. They are actually not my favorite fruit taste wise (that slot goes to citrus fruit), but when I was little my parents and I would spend every free moment on the beach and my mom would use bologna sandwiches and apricots to lure me out of the water for a break. (Usually because my lips would have turned blue but I would swear that I wasn't cold or tired and I definitely didn't want to come out of the water)

    So apricot halves always remind me of those happy days. Maybe this summer I'll even remember to take a few down to the beach and have a bit of a re-enactment, after all everything does taste so much better by the water!

  4. Verity oh White peaches always remind me of the South of France.
    Potterjotter I love the sweet like ability of blueberries to be eaten in handfuls.
    Hiphip I quite new to lovingapricots but now I really love them. Great memory.


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