Monday, 27 June 2011

The Happiest Summer

'...came the happiest summer Nanda had ever known. The weather was perfect. Every day dawned clear and soft and unfolded through hours of sunlight to long evenings smelling of hay and lime-trees. There was a kind of gaiety and relaxation in the air; hair hung more loosely and sleeves were rolled up unreproved over browning arms. Even the bells sounded less insistent; they chimed in a lazy, worldly voice like old stable clocks. It was good to come in, flushed from tennis, to the cool, sweet-smelling chapel; to sit in a weeping willow after supper surreptiously learning La Nuit de Mai; to find a chestnut flower against one's skin when undressed at night.' Antonia White Frost in May
The weather this weekend has been true summer weather. Long may it last....


  1. You said it - it was definitely a hot one. Funny how we females are just 'flushed from tennis'. The blokes round here this weekend were just 'sweaty from footy in the heat'!

  2. potterjotter - Hope you've been enjoying the summer weather this week.


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