Friday, 24 June 2011

A glorious feeling of well-being

'That's what's so wonderful about living out of England,' he said, pacing round the small kitchen, ' such a glorious feeling of well-being, sitting at a table in the sun with a bottle of what-ever it happens to be - there's nothing to equal that, is there?' Barbara Pym Excellent Women
I think Rocky probably meant something of the alcoholic variety but I found this image and loved it.
Not wanting to wish my life away but this current June weather has really made me want to be away and on holiday.
Where in the world would you like to be?


  1. Yes, I'm sure Rocky meant something alcoholic, but that image is too lovely not to share! Sorry the bad weather has you down. We've had a beautiful month (up until the last 3 days)... summer is the best time of year at the lake, so at the moment there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Hope your weather improves soon.

  2. JoAnn oh how lovely that the place you want to be is the place you are in... Hope the weather has come back to you.

  3. Rain or shine, I love England. But then I'm somewhat spoiled, living in one of the loveliest places along the English coast ... I just love to be at home, I'm just an armchair traveller. I can gaze in books at photos of lovely places - Italy, France, New England - and then I look at my own little home, my summerhouse, my books, English tea in the garden ... even on a wet June day, there is still a lot to be said for this country.
    Margaret P

  4. Margaret - your description of loving your home makes me wish the buying of our home would just hurry up!


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