Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Month of April

Friday night drinks with friends by the river...
An early Saturday start to visit cousins in Swindon. A really lovely family day, eating, laughing, talking and a windy walk.
Continuing March's tradition of Sunday Biscuit Baking and a roast.
Meeting dear girlfriends for mis week suppers in town. Eating too many mini eggs. Basking in the April sunshine. Then shivering as it turned cold again.
Painting toenails for the first time this spring. Loving OPI original nail solution it really does work.
Starting on Mad Men Series Four.
Leaving work promptly and driving for supper at my parents. Being abruptly woken at 4.15am to catch the 5.55am ferry to France. Arriving in Arras to join family Warmth in time for Breakfast. Sipping cafe au lait, toasting Mama Warmth's 70th with champagne and a delcious meal. Sitting with sunglasses in the various cafes around the square.
London holiday days. Popping to the Persephone shop for books, bought my first Whipple, calling into Caravan, brilliant book finds in Canterbury's Oxfam book shop, kicking my heels along the Kings Road (oh how I have missed you), foresting in Forest Hill, a trip to Tring. Supper at The Dartmouth Arms.
Much daydreaming about our potential new home...
Visiting Seville - oh my Semana Santa a time of awe and wonder.
Gorgeous Easter weekend in London. Mooching along the southbank viewing Miro and Gabriel Orozco
Then drinks -back at The Dartmouth Arms again. Baking Nigella's delicious Easter Nest Chocolate Cake. A sunny and delicious bbq with dear friends. Eating eggs, hot cross buns, simnel cake on a repeat cycle for two days. To mama and papa Warmth's for Easter Sunday.
Making the place names and table plan for a dear friends' wedding, handing them over... meeting for a Pain Quotidien supper the week before.
Enjoying the Royal Wedding - immensely - far more than I'd imagined. Watching it by myself and with twitterhen travelling to NW3 for lunch with a friend and what turned out to be a street party - my first street party.
And then waking up the next day being a guest at a dear friend's wedding. So in the mood after Friday's wedding.
Reading As I walked out one Midsummers Morning by Laurie Lee, Mrs Tim and the Regiment by DE Stevenson, All Passion Spent by Vita Sackville-West, Devoted Ladies by M.J. Farrell, The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham


  1. Love your monthly wrap-ups. Enjoy the Whipple!

  2. JoAnn - thank you I've yet to decide when to read it.
    Verity - thank you - and April was a pretty eventful month for you.

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