Friday, 29 April 2011

All Passion Spent

Reading All Passion Spent provoked many thoughts. Reading it whilst surrounded by all the Royal Wedding excitement and enthusiasm provoked thoughts about Kate Middleton. How will she feel about her life when Lady Slane's age? Will she have put her desires, wishes on hold for her husband, and country? Is there a secret artist, dreamer waiting to escape from her?

And this is how it all started....

'Those words which he must utter so earnestly, in order that his tone might carry their full weight; those words which he seemed to produce from some serious and secret place, hauling them up from the bottom of the well of his personality; those words which belonged to the region of weighty and adult things... He had gone. He had left her. Even while she conscientiously gazed at him and listened, she knew that he was already miles away. He had passed into the sphere where people marry, beget and bear children, bring them up, give orders to servants, pay income-tax, understand about dividends, speak mysteriously in the presence of the young, take decisions for themselves, eat what they like, and go to bed at the hour which pleases them. Mr. Holland was asking her to accompany him into that sphere. He was asking her to be his wife.' Vita Sackville-West All Passion Spent

Despite what seems a negative post on this royal wedding day I am excited and shall be watching...

Happy Extra Bank Holiday To You!

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