Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mitford and Maud

Firstly Mitford, as it's still winter, pulled out of my favourite turquoise cashmere beret...
Tonia who writes The Fairly Constant Reader.
Thank you all for your lovely comments and for reading this blog.

And Maud,
As many of you know Persephone Reading Weekend is fast approaching. I'm joining in with this by reading Maud Pember Reeves Round About a Pound a Week. It's part of my 'reading a book which isn't escapism but is reality'. I'm not sure I'll have finished it by Sunday, and I think it may be a book to mull over before commenting on. So... I've planned a few Persephone post for this weekend. Alas we're away at Twin's this weekend so my access to internet will be limited, although this seems fitting as it's through Twin that I knew about Persephone.

Round About a Pound a Week - end paper

Thank you to Claire and Verity for organising this weekend.

Happy Persephone Reading Weekend x


  1. Happy Persephone Weekend to you too :-)

  2. I've wanted to read that Maud Pember Reeves for ages - it's still sitting on the shelf at my mum's! I look forward to your thoughts on it. I'm feeling rather smug as I've already read my Persephone - just need to write about it now!

  3. Willa - Are you joining in with it?
    bookssnob - Looking forward ot your review. I'm liking it alot already.

  4. Happy Persephone Reading Weekend to you too. Enjoy your time at the Twin's.

    I suggested Round About a Pound a Week to my book group a few and we found it a very interesting (and frightening) read.

  5. Paperback Reader - yes you're right it is frightening and I've only read about 30 pages and these families aren't the poorest either.


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