Saturday, 26 February 2011

A House in the Country

I think I can now answer the 'Who are your most likeable characters in a Persephone novel?'

Cressida and Tori

'Kindness.' Cressida echoed his words. 'But it is so easy, Tori. Kindness is the simplest thing in the world.'
'For you, yes!' Tori said ... 'For you it is easy to love, to be kind, because always you have the will towards kindness. But for everyone it is not so. I would say that there are a thousand, a million persons in the world for each one who is truly kind. For kindness means more than just - just the absence of unkindness! There are, perhaps, not as many as one unkind person in every million. But it is not enough just to be not unkind.' Jocelyn Playfair A House in the Country

The Steward

They are both kind. They are both intelligent. They both love. They are both welcoming.
Who is your most likeable Persephone character and why?


  1. Hm, most likable? Cliched, but Miss Pettigrew. It's easy enough, I think, to name my least likable as Whipple and Laski write those so well.

  2. Interesting and very true quote... I like the photo, by the way. My most likeable Persephone character so far is Sally from 'Miss Buncle's Book'. She is a secondary character, in her late teens, but she is full of spirit, intelligence and independence and she befriends Miss Buncle instantly. I liked her as soon as I met her.

  3. That's a tough one -- I've read 20 Persephones so far and I've met several characters I'd like to befriend. Miss Pettigrew and Miss Buncle, of course, but I also loved Lester from The Home-Maker -- he was such a great dad, so loving and the kids always came first. And I've just finished Flush so I have to put him on the list! (If you haven't read it, he's Elizabeth Barrett Browning's cocker spaniel).

  4. Vere Hodgson is a superstar in my book! She was so hard-working, selfless and was not one to complain despite living through bombing after bombing. She shared whatever she had despite rationing and amazed me time and time again with her courage.

  5. Emily, in The Making of a Marchioness. Kind and unassuming. Lovely!

  6. I have to agree with Darlene, Vere Hodgson gets my vote.

  7. Paperback Reader - aah yes Miss Pettigrew. Just thinking of her brings a smile to my face.
    Cristina - Thank you for reminding me of Sally. We meet her when she's so young it's lovely to think of how she'll really grow into being a wonderful woman.
    Karen - Your thoughts on Lester have just added The Homemaker to a tbr wish list!
    Darlene, Vinatage Reading and Lyn - And so other books are added to the reading wishlist...

  8. Lovely Mr Stevens in A Fortnight in September.


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