Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Flowers in Wrong Weather

It's February, we could do with some flowers around the garden and this follows on so well from Antonia White's passage earlier this week.

Flowers in Wrong Weather

Snowdrops, crocuses and hellebore,
which last year must have done there shy, brave thing
unobserved by me, are out again this year.


Now it was a too-mild February morning.
The flowers looked misplaced, without some ice in the air
or bullying wind to give them their full meaning.

Or was it just that there was nobody to share
the annual miracle with? Crocuses piercing
the soil with a palpable pang; the dear

droop of snowdrops; hellebore
stoically averted: all missing the welcome and blessing
of the one who had planted them there.

Christopher Reid



  1. Ooh, flowers: think I may have to hie me to the nearest florist at lunchtime for some cheering daffs!

  2. I have daffodils coming out in my windowbox and I am a bit worried because we are bound to get another frost.

  3. Oh how I need to see as I was driving into work, the sun was shining through the woods making the green from the ivy crawling up the trees so bright and wonderful.

  4. I could really use some flowers right now!! Might have to stop by the store and see if there is anything pretty to brighten up the house a bit. It is so hard to have fresh flowers around Valentine's Day since they always raise the prices around this time. Can't wait until little blooms start popping up in the park!

  5. Tonia - Hope you found the cheering daffs.
    Verity - oh a window box! I fear one living on the second floor that it might fall off and injure someone....
    Julie - Alas no sunshine with us today but we had lots yesterday.
    hip hip - 'Popping up in the park' what a lovely phrase for flowers.


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