Monday, 21 February 2011

Just Talking

I'm getting ready for Persephone Reading Weekend hosted by Verity and Clare and was reminded of this quote. It seems fitting as Warmth and I both have the week off work to spend together in London.

'But - but if you can get so interested in a conversation with someone you're in love with that you forget about wanting to kiss them, then - well then it looks as if you're safe to go ahead...
She thought of the dozens of married couples she knew, who were apparently quite happy... but who never seemed to want to be alone together. Society was made up of people like that, she thought; people who had to run around and go to parties and be constantly surrounded by other people; couples who, if they were alone, would even turn the wireless rather than face the prospect of just talking. And yet life was not long enough, no time could be too long, to talk to someone whose mind answered your mind, so that conversation was like a double set of thoughts, carrying each other along indefinately...
I don't mean that a perfect marriage consists of endless conversations! I only meant that the thought of endless conversation wouldn't be a sort of bugbear. And, of course, one would want to run around and do things with other people sometimes. But the best part of the party would be the drive home!'
Jocelyn Playfair A House in the Country


We went to a great party on Saturday night and yes - the best part of it was travelling home together - discussing the evening.


  1. Oh how lovely - a week off - enjoy!

  2. Lucky things: a week off together! A great quote - the very best conversations can make you forget about everything: time, place and others around you.

  3. Verity - thank you we will.
    Tonia - Yet again wise words from Tonia. Also if I'm too engrossed in conversation I forget where I'm going!

  4. A beautiful quote and so true. Enjoy London :-)

  5. Lovely quote and so true... although conversations with loved ones can just sometimes also be quite maddening?

  6. Cristina - Thank you we shall.
    potter jotter - oh yes so true. One feels they should be able to understand just half a sentence sometimes and then they don't!

  7. I hope you are enjoying your half-term.

    Such a lovely quote. My loved one spend so much time just chatting to one another and it is one of the best things in life.


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