Friday, 11 February 2011

Expensive Imagination


"You have an expensive imagination. Not many people are going to buy you bird cages." Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany's

bird cages

What's your expensive imagination spending money on?


  1. I LOVE these pictures! Beautiful! I think my expensive imagination is buying lots of clothes and decor for the house!

  2. Mine is an eternity ring to match my engagement ring

  3. Oh my expensive imagination is getting me into trouble daily! It mostly covets anything sparkly, which of course tends to be the most expensive genre of items.

  4. Poppies - Part of me is thankful that at the moment we're renting our flat so I just have expensive imagination for clothes...
    Verity - ooh what's your engagement ring like?
    hip hip - We need sparkles especially in February.

  5. Books! And also trips to London and Paris. Lovely first picture.

  6. Weekend breaks away from the routine - especially at this dismal time of year - is what I am expensively imagining - with a table on a lawn just like your first pic!

  7. Hmmmm what a perfect description ... 'expensive imagination'... oh my .... mine combines expensive and old!!! Jewellery - Cars and hmmmmm...... there must be other things!

    I'd fallen out of the habit of pootling around blogs recently (my days have no routine!) .... a delight to pop in here tonight and catch up with you again in this delightful virtual space!



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