Monday, 18 October 2010


I felt we couldn't celebrate Black History Month without a quote from Chinua Achebe.

'The land of the living was not far removed from the domain of the ancestors. There was coming and going between them, especially at festivals and also when an old man died, because an old man was very close to the ancestors. A man's life from birth to death was a series of transition rites which brought him nearer and nearer to his ancestors.' Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe


  1. Have got a copy of this i'm waiting to read --took it to Africa with me but somehow felt I wanted to read it elsewhere. Wonderful quote, and very much in tune with the beliefs that guide daily life out there, isn't it.

  2. I've been on vacation for the past couple weeks...I've missed your blog and your words!

    Julie xo


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