Friday, 15 October 2010

Energy and Goodwill

It's been on my New Year's Resolution list for a few years and finally I can tick it off. I've made pastry, short crust pastry. Somehow I happily make choux pastry but short crust - eek... So it was okay - it didn't look very aesthetic in the tray, but once the filling was in, it was cooked it tasted okay.

'...something more than energy and goodwill is necessary to make a cook.' Louisa May Alcott Little Women

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I definately need more than energy and goodwill with pastry. Any tips to encourage me to persevere and make again?


  1. Congratulations! pastry is something I've yet to attempt - I was encourahed when I read that Antony Worral Thompson said that shop pastry is so good that there is little point to making your own!

  2. no tips, because I'm in the same boat, pastry-wise. (And I like to bake! What's holding me back on this part?} So congratulations! I'm hoping this will be my year, too! :)

  3. Pastry seems like one of those things you have to put so much effort into knowing how to make, and i can never be bothered - ! i'd love to be the kind of person who happily spends hours perfecting their pastry...however... i'm not. So I'm very impressed with your efforts and would like to heartily encourage you to persevere!

    That said I have (with a friend) made one pastry which came out very well - it came from a Smitten Kitten galette recipe - here:

    It was really delicious and not that hard. Not sure it would work for other things besides galettes, however... but the whole recipe I can highly, highly recommend (I suspect I would recommend any recipe which includes this much butter....).

    The tip I've heard is that you should use vodka instead of water in the pastry so that it evaporates more quickly and prevents soggy pastry.

  4. No pastry tips, I usually end up buying all kinds frozen at the grocery. Everything so far has turned out so well, I can't be bothered to make my own at home! I really should try it though, I always feel a bit like I'm cheating by using store bought.

  5. I need help myself in this area! Pastry is definitely a challenge!
    Even if it doesn't look the most aesthetically pleasing, as long as it tastes good is what matters!

  6. Sadly I have no tips either, as I need more than energy and goodwill myself. But best of luck to you!


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