Wednesday, 13 October 2010

To be barefootedly beautiful

For an autumnal Wednesday morning....

'But they want tenderness as much as they want passion, they crave the feathered touch of softness, sweetness. They yearn... to be fond of each other, to be charitable, to be mild and merciful. To be barefootedly beautiful in each other's eyes.' Carol Shields Unless

barefootedly beautiful

This was the first novel by Carol Shields I've read. Which of her other ones do you recommend?


  1. I've really enjoyed some of her short stories, but for novels: Larry's Party is poignant and funny, and the Stone Diaries, whilst I don't reread it like I do Unless, is worth picking up to see how fully formed her writing seemed to be even then.

  2. I recommend ANY of her books - absolutely wonderful and wish I hadn't read them all.

  3. I've never read any, but I felt inspired to look them up after reading this quote. Now I'm definitely adding some to my reading list.

  4. Gorgeous photo. And I think I am adding Carol Shields to my reading list as well. I haven't read any of her books but that quote is so lovely now I must.

  5. I love those words! So beautiful! I haven't read anything by her before.
    I love that picture too. Gorgeous!


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