Tuesday, 2 April 2013

almond blossom in the garden

Let's daydream a little...

'When the first days of April come, something steals into the air and touches you upon the cheek, and the touch travels downwards to your body, and your body comes alive. The windows are flung open. The sparrows in St. John's Wood chatter, but the little sooty tree on the pavement opposite has a blackbird on its naked branch. Further down the road there is a house that has almond blossom in the garden. The buds are fat and luscious ready to burst.' Daphne Du Maurier The Parasites



  1. Oh blossom! It's been quite delayed here thanks to the cold. Even the daffodils in the garden are taking their time.

  2. No blossom here either - but am sure it will be worth the wait when it does finally happen! xCathy


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