Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Month of April

A quiet day pottering around the house, wishing the weather was warmer so I could potter in the garden. I'm missing the garden.
Meeting dear dear old work colleagues for lunch at Cote.
Another lunch date with a dear friend this time at Cantina Vinopolis - a delicious mushroom gnocchi.
Another day out of the house whilst the windows are being done. Meeting a dear friend, oldest godson and siblings at Chelsea Physic Garden. Oh it was bleak, Cold wind, blizzard of snow, no blue skies, cold cold cold.
After the day before being so cold meeting a friend at Greenwich park for a picnic was rearranged for soup and cake in her home.
Meeting Twin for a day out together, my first visit to Kensington Palace. A lovely lunch in the cafe, we couldn't quite stretch to the Orangerie, and then a short walk in the park. The sun shone, the wind was blowing elsewhere, it was wonderful.
Hanging out the washing to dry - a simple pleasure, but oh so wonderful.
Warmth had a few days off work so we went to visit Granny Warmth in Worthing, finally pottered in the garden, bending down is getting harder. Arranging the nursery for TT - it all feels more real now the room is ready-ish. Lunch with Mama and Papa Warmth.
Meeting Rebecca and Gemma at Liberty's Tea Room for a lovely catch up.
The final day of the holidays and a trip to school for some work and then dodging the April showers to potter in the garden a little more.
At the weekend I went away with university friends to a hotel spa which was lovely. We were last all staying together twenty years ago. We had afternoon tea, lovely swims in the pool, a wet walk in the grounds, relaxed evening drinks, a scrumptious breakfast, another swim, lunch and then farewell. It was lovely to spend time together and truly catch up, not just fleeting lunches together.
Home to the start of our NCT classes on Sunday night and then following on from that a tour of the hospital labour wards which was really interesting. Suddenly it all seems more real and imminent. Especially returning to work after the two week break to quite a few 'you've grown' comments, and feeling a lot more tired than I did before the holidays.
Dear friends popping round for a mid week takeaway as they were in the area.
Friday night mooching in Liberty's and then meeting an old print making friend in Waterstones.
A wonderful spring Saturday of lemon curd on toast, pottering I'm the garden and hanging the washing out. Mama and Papa Warmth to supper, bringing with them two tops that Warmth and his brothers wore as babies.
A mid week pizza and salad with a dear friend.
A few days of glorious spring weather - just what we all needed.
Friday night pizza and ice cream, Saturday morning off to Pick Me Up to look at the prints. We bought two and were so tempted by many others, especially for TT.
Saturday evening off to great friends for supper and to stay over, brunch at their local cafe and then home and another long nap. A weekend of three day time naps can't be bad.

Books read French children don't throw food by Pamela Druckerman, Restoration by Rose Tremain.
 On the Kindle, read in the night, The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield.


  1. Agreed, April has been so so cold but the birds are singing regardless and the blossom is finally making an appearance on the trees. May tomorrow - I can feel summer making tentative steps this way!

    1. Tonia - yes it does feel that summer is tentatively arriving, and about time to.

  2. You've done lots of things in London that I daydream about while going about my day across the pond. Sounds lovely!

    1. Cosy - That's what's so lovely about blogging, reading about other experiences in places one doesn't live. Happy daydreaming.

  3. I didn't realize how close TT is to arriving until reading this post - it is June isn't it?
    I have a little niece arriving in June - a great month for babies!
    I hope May is as lovely for you as April was, but much warmer :-)

    1. Anbolyn - What a lovely comment, yes TT is due on 9th June, it's getting closer.... What will the weather be like for you in May?

    2. It will be hot, over 100 F and probably close to 110 by the end of the month. It can be miserable, but our really bad heat is in July and August because it is also humid. It is like your winters - we all just endure and rejoice when it is over!

  4. It all sounds lovely - cold, but lovely! Like you, I have great pleasure in a line of washing out to dry, and it always smells great when you gather it in. And a June baby, how clever, summer birthday parties to come! Our younger daughter has a June birthday and her parties were always easy to arrange as they involved a great deal of tearing about in the garden.

    1. Share - yes cold but lovely is a good way to describe April. I'm also a June baby so already know the delights of summer birthday parties, and hoping it doesn't rain.


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