Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Month of March

Started with Twin and The Blessings coming to visit. Giant meatballs were eaten, new magimix and  pie tin and cookery book used for Hummingbird Chocolate Pudding Pie, a visit to a newly discovered local park, hot cross buns for tea, delivery of more baby bits, much laughter and love.
Mama and Papa Warmth to lunch the next day and a repeat menu.
Off to supper with some dear friends and meet their two new adorable cats, Oskar and Bluebell. I attempted pistachio macarons, and apart from a sizing issue, they weren't too bad. Worth perfecting.
Then other great friends to lunch the next day. Lovely to catch up with them. Since we've moved to the other side of London it's harder to meet up with them, especially as we did used to live almost just round the corner.
The weather then regressed, well it hadn't ever reached spring. But minus eight and snow flurries are not what I wanted. At least there were blue skies and sunshine, even if it was cold. This sentence can be repeated at various intervals throughout the month of March, and looking at April through April too.
A quiet Saturday, just Warmth and me. So a cold brisk walk across the South Bank to see Lichtenstein at Tate Modern. We bought a print for TT's bedroom.
Sunday a high tea celebrating Mama Warmth's birthday with everyone.
A shall we/shan't we be going to Cardiff weekend. The postponed from the snow in January 40th had been rearranged. Yet at 9am it was snowing and settling with us. We thought we'd wait and see and thankfully it stopped so we started off much later. A lovely evening catching up with friends and we ended up leaving with a car seat. Then the drive home the next day. A lot of driving for a short time, but worth it.
A delightful. just because, gift from Warmth of a Kindle. I hope this will be the way for me to continue reading with a baby. I'm making the assumption that I will be up a lot in the night and hopefully this way I can read as well. I like the idea of re reading favourite books and reading good passages out to TT.
Managing through to the end of term. For a short term it most definitely was exhausting.
A lovely Easter weekend together. Preparing the room for TT, shopping, Mother and Pops coming
up to visit.
Today, Easter Sunday, we're off to Mortlake for Warmth Family Easter. Eating chocolate, cheering on the Boat Race and having a lovely family day.
Books read this month. a golden age by Tahmima Anam, Night Waking by Sarah Moss, one of my AOW bookswap books.
Baking - continuing with the loaf cakes. Banana, lemon or fruit. The above pistachio macarons and Nigella's Lemon Meringue Cake for Easter Saturday.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter x


  1. Boat race was fabulous, wasn't it? Always enjoy your monthly round-ups. Happy Easter!

    1. Vintage R - yes wasn't the Boat Race fun. Hope you had a happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter to you! Your monthly round-ups are such a treat to read. How wonderful to have a new Kindle and car seat :-)

    1. Anbolyn - Pleased you enjoy the monthly round up. I'm very much enjoying my Kindle - especially if I'm awake in the middle of the night.

  3. Hello Joan, I've been utterly slack about catching up with blog reading and so have only just discovered that you're pregnant. Congratulations! That's really exciting.

    I have to say, I found a feeding baby made an excellent book-rest, I expect a Kindle will be easier to manage though than paperbacks with tight bindings (and I hate cracking spines). My daughter (now just turned three) adores reading and who knows, perhaps it was that early experience as a lecturn which set her off on the right path. In any case, finding old picture books I loved as a child and new favourites is a great joy and reading them cuddled up together an endless source of pleasure, I wish it for you too!

    1. Dear Helen, what a lovely comment, thank you. I'm also looking forward to reading favourite passages to the baby as we feed.


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