Wednesday, 29 August 2012

late August mornings

I'm eeking out summer. One last wear of my favourite white summer dress, enjoying Orange Fizz on my nails for maybe one more day, one last BBQ and a chilled glass of rose before the desire for red wine starts.

"These late August mornings smelt of autumn from day-break til the hour when the sun-baked earth allowed the cool breezes to drive back the then less heavy aroma of threshed wheat, open furrows, and reeking manure. A persistent dew clung sparkling to the skirts of hedgerows...
But the midday hours were free of the wisps of autumn mists... and the season showed every sign of going back to July. High in the sky the sun sucked up the dew...A succession of fine days followed calm, windless, and cloudless... days so divinely akin to each other that Vinca and Philippe, at peace, almost believed the year to be ending at its sweetest moment, softly held in check by an August that would last forever." Colette Ripening Seed

What are you doing to make August last forever? Or are you itching for September?


  1. That passage is absolutely beautiful! I wish August was the sweetest here in Arizona, but I am afraid it is the most brutal and I will be glad to see it go. I think the sweetest month here is March.

  2. Anbolyn - Hoping September is less brutal for you. Our weather saying for March is 'In like a lion out like a lamb.'


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