Wednesday, 8 August 2012

clotted-cream clouds

"A lilac band of heat haze spread all along the horizon line, and out of this dim region a few upward-curling, clotted-cream clouds had half emerged, got caught in the pink sunset rays, and remained suspended, voluptuous-looking and completely motionless, all through dinner time." Julia Strachey Cheerful weather for the wedding

The drinks are poured, the candles are lit and any moment the food will be ready. 
Shall we sit and enjoy the sunset?


  1. I love voluptuous-looking clouds, especially at sunset. We've had a lot of beautiful clouds here in the past month with monsoon storms forming at dusk nearly every day. It makes for very dramatic skies.

    1. Anbolyn - Today we have a gorgeous sky of bright blue with fluffy white clouds, previous days have been a mass of grey...


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