Thursday, 15 September 2011

Quiet Days

September 15th. - This is the month of quiet days, crimson creepers, and blackberries; of mellow afternoons in the ripening garden; of tea under acacias instead of too shady beeches; of wood fires in the library in chilly evenings. Elizabeth von Arnim Elizabeth and her German Garden

How will you be spending these September days and evenings?


  1. I foresee windy beach walks, woodland walks too, and being able to wear my knitted scarves and hats again. I am definitely an autumn girl!

  2. Fleur I have deep longings for autumnal coastal walks. As I get older I think I become more of an autumn girl.

  3. Lovely quote, very Autumny, but I am in denial about Autumn at the moment.

  4. Cathy Your comment made me smile. If it wasn't for gorgeous autumn clothes I might be in denial too.


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