Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Purple Evenings

..."a month of vintage September weather; travelling in easy stages through autumnal landscapes which seemed to be moistly wrapped in fruit-skins....There were purple evenings, juicy as grapes, the thin moon cutting a cloud like a knife..." Laurie Lee As I walked out one midsummer morning

Ours has most definately been a vintage September. The first in our new home, enjoying the apples from our tree. Even managing to sit outside some days.

How has your September been?


  1. I've never read this, but it seems like my cup of tea! Our September gave us a tease of fresh cool crisp fall, then brought us right back into muggy summer. I'm going for a vintage October, instead! It's a lovely thought, regardless. It's wonderful that you can spend this beautiful time of year in your new home.

  2. Enjoying it so far - its definitely a season of mists round here, early morning mists.

  3. Audrey Ooh a big yes to a vintage October too.
    Cathy It's the early morning sunrises that have been beautiful in South East London and make getting up that much easier.


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