Friday, 23 September 2011

Princes Welcome

This passage reminds me of Anne at the concert, trying to catch Wentworth's eyes, annoyed at having to speak to Elliot and then the next day when she is overheard by Wentworth speaking to Captain Harville and he writes that letter.

'You've got to be responsible for your own happiness - you can't expect it to come flopping through the door like a parcel... People sit at home thinking Some Day My Prince Will Come. But that's no good unless you've got a sign up saying 'Princes Welcome'. Julian Barnes Talking it Over

And it works both ways in having a sign 'Princesses Welcome'
'for now I could at least put myself in the way of happiness... I could do something.' Jane Austen Persuasion


  1. Aaah! So true. You gotta make it happen ... or at least create the opportunity for it to happen. Lovely quotes as usual.

  2. Cathy Glad you're still liking the quotes. There are still many more to come...

  3. I love that part at the concert in Bath where Anne manouvres the seating to get closer to Wentworth. It's the nearest she ever gets to actual flirting ...!

  4. Nicola - oh yes how true the closest Anne gets to flirting indeed.


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