Friday, 28 January 2011


After yesterday's post on painful love let's end Virago Week with
our hope for, our experience of a stronger love.

'Christopher loved her with the passion of youth, of imagination, of poetry, of all the fresh beginnings of wonder and worship that have been since Love first lit his torch and made in the darkness a great light.'
Elizabeth von Arnim Love


Thank you Carolyn and Rachel for hosting Virago Reading week. I've really enjoyed it.


  1. What a lovely quote, but more importantly ... how did they get those birds to fly in a heart-shape in your picture?? Lol.

  2. Beautiful. A Virago I keep meaning to read, as well.

    Thank you for the beautiful quotes you have posted all this week. They have been so lovely to read.

  3. potter - hmm yes how did they?
    bookssnob - Love is a gorgeous book to read. So glad you liked the quotes and thank you for all your hard work this week.


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