Saturday, 1 January 2011

And in another year everything will be different yet again.

A quote for New Year's Day.

'She thought a year ago I would never have dreamed...that we could be here, like this, that I would feel as I do, that I could have become a new person. And in another year everything will be different yet again. It is always like that, and always will be; you are forever standing on the brink, in a place where you cannot see ahead; there is nothing of certain except what lies behind. This should be terrifying, but somehow it is not.' Penelope Lively Consequences


How do you feel about last year?


  1. Christmas is a marker for me and I can't help wondering what the next year will present. The past year wasn't a bad one at all, I've certainly learned quite a bit through books, bloggers and my BBC podcasts! And I've learned that it is true when people say the closer you get to fifty, you care less about what other people think when it comes to pleasing yourself.

    Happy New Year, Lyn!

  2. What a lovely quote and a stunning picture for the occassion. As I reflected on 2010 I decided to acknowledge how much I have learnt. It was a year of learning for me - from new recipes, new authors and genres to new things about me, my partner and my family. There's always so much to learn. And as your quote hightlights - Im sitting on the brink of new learning - which could be scary, but it's not. Happy New Year Joan.

  3. A beautiful quote, and one that sums up how I feel about the forthcoming year.

  4. Darlene - Happy New Year to you - and yes I too have learnt so much from blogging.
    Tamara - Warmth and I reflected on 2010 for us as a couple and how far we've grown together.
    Little Wife - lovely to see you here. So glad you left a comment and here's to 2011 and your wedding.

  5. A really lovely quote. Looking back at 2010, it was quite a good one for me. In terms of blogging, it was my first full year of blogging. In my personal life, it was another year with my wonderful boyfriend, and the first year when we really started to get somewhere with re-decorating our house. Hopefully this year will bring that mcuh closer to having a complete, liveable house!

  6. The title alone, taken from the quote you posted, is enough to make me think. It puts in perspective how we can't take ourselves (I can't take myself!) so very seriously.

    Happy New Year! Tt's been such a pleasure blogging with you in 2010.

  7. A Bookish Space - your comment has made me realise that 2011 will be my first full year of blogging.
    Bellezza - It's been a pleasure blogging with you to - and what a lovely phrase that is.


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