Friday, 31 December 2010

The Month of December

It started with snow... and lots of it...Which meant
I missed going to The Vintage Wedding Dress shop with a dear friend.
We missed going to see my parents... which meant we did lots of Christmas shopping instead.
Winter cocktails with the Best Girls at Skylon - The Winter Warmer kicked quite a punch.
Wanting to be a snowflake having marvelled at The Nutcracker with mother, Twin and Blessing.
Lunch with university girls at Browns.
Festive drinks and pizza with dear friends at Rocket.
Making Cranberry mincemeat for mince pies...
It snowed again which meant...
Walking through the snow to meet up with dear old book club friends, drink mulled wine and eating mince pies and Nigella's Christmas morning muffins.
Buying The Christmas Tree. Then decorating it. And then admiring it.
More mulled wine and mince pies this time at Beas.
Christmas events at school. Our class Nativity tableau, Christmas Parties, Staff Panto.
Morning coffee in Forest Hill.
As part of trying to be productive this Christmas holiday I went along to Somerset House to see the Rene Grau exhibition on Dior illustrations. It was lovely to walk past the ice skating.

Diorama 1955

Books read - The Glass Room by Simon Mawer, Miss Buncle's Book by DE Stevenson (my Persephone secret santa).
Films watched Joyeaux Noel and Elf on Christmas Eve in front of the sparkling Christmas tree. United 93, The Reader. A most enjoyable time watching Upstairs Downstairs on BBCiplayer whilst Warmth was at work.

Shopping - bought not one but two pairs of boots - quite different ones and there was 25% off them both - so I saved money. However with the snow it took along time to wear one pair. Thankfully neither of them are in the sales - phew right decision. Good sale shopping at SpaceNK too.

Christmas Day in Kent with my family, The Blessings were on good Christmas form, Boxing Day over eating - family friends for lunch and then a drive up to London to see Granny Warmth. Huge Boxing Day tea there including Mama Warmth retelling The Story On Top of the Christmas Cake. (There's a whole post in this but basically each year there are topical (both family and news worthy) events illustrated on top. This year an errupting volcano, the Chilean miners, a 'No to university fees' protesting Father Christmas, and then when the cricket really did go well a cricketer appeared!)

Christmas cooking on the 26th for Family Warmth.
Parsnip and Stilton Soup, Turkey, Ham and Cranberry pie, Aubergine Involtini, green salads (on my insistence), potato salad and pasta salad. Christmas Pavlova, a disastrous caramalised clementine pudding, delicious Neal's Yard cheeses and then devouring a large box of Quality Street.

New Year's Eve tapas with dear friends and then back to our own homes for fizz and welcoming in 2011


  1. AGH! This makes me so hungry for all things British, from the picture at the top of your post to the description of all the things within it (especially the boots, and the food). I spent New Year's Eve in London in 1984; it was one of the most memorable celebrations of my life. The tube was free all evening...we went to dinner, and then church at St. Pauls (? The one where Diana was married). I'll never forget every one spraying the silly string in the Square after, punk rockers were a big thing then, and I was quite daunted. Now I imagine I'd spend a much quieter time, still, I love England. Happy New Year!

  2. And the wonderful thing is the tube continues to be free on NYE. Enjoy your celebrations this year.

  3. Wow! What a month! I LOVE the Christmas morning muffins - that combination of orange, nutmeg and cranberries - fabulous. I also like the sound of pasrnip and stilton soup - a variation on the more ubiquitous broccoli and...must try that! We've had curried parsnip soup which was nce.

  4. Yes writing this made me realise why I feel so tired...ooh curried parsnip soup - now there's one to try.

  5. Oh what a lovely month you've had! Spectacular boots, by the way!

    I always wanted to be a primary school teacher so I could direct a nativity play. :) I had an aborted attempt at training to be one a few years ago, and I think next year I shall apply again...but for secondary this time! It must be wonderful having all that excitement around you at Christmas time!

    Tapas and celebrating with friends sounds like a simply lovely New Year's Eve - I hope you have a brilliant time!

  6. Glad you like the boots... I'm now just off to read your Gilead review - I've been waiting for it.


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