Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Sometimes I think this blog could be renamed 'The Carol Ann Duffy Appreciation Blog' . Her poems always fit in so perfectly with my thoughts and the seasons.


The year dwindles and glows
to December's red jewel,
my birth month.

The sky blushes,
and lays its cheek
on the sparkling fields.

Then dusk swaddles the cattle,
their silhouettes
simple as faith.

These nights are gifts,
our hands unwrapping the darkness
to see what we have.

The train rushes, ecstatic,
to where you are,
my bright star.

Carol Ann Duffy

red jewel


  1. That really is wonderful and captures how I'm feeling today too!

  2. December is also my birth month, and Carol Ann Duffy my favourite poet. I met her some years ago and all of her books I own are signed. Hers, Louis MacNiece's and T S Eliot's are the poems I know by heart.

  3. Lovely. I can't believe December is here already, but I'm glad to welcome it and plan on enjoying every minute. And that garland is too cute!

  4. Am very traditional when it comes to poetry - but she is one of the contemporary poets whose work I do like. That one is lovely.


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