Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Decorating The Tree

"A trunk in the attic contains: a shoebox of.... coils of frazzled tinsel gone gold with age, one silver star, a brief rope of dilapidated, undounbtedly dangerous candy-like light bulbs. Excellent decorations as far as they go, which isn't far enough: my friend wants our tree to blaze..., droop with weighty snows of ornament... We do what we've always done: sit for days at the kitche table with scissors and crayons and stacks of coloured paper. I make sketches and my friend cuts them out: lots of cats, fish too (because they're easy to draw), some apples, some watermelons, a few winged angels devised from saved-up sheets of Hershey-bar tin foil... As a final touch, we sprinkle the branches with shredded cotton (picked in August for this purpose). My friend, surveying the effect, clasps her hands together. 'Now honest Buddy. doesn't it look good enough to eat? Queenie tries to eat an angel." Truman Capote A Christmas Memory

How will you decorate your tree?


  1. With paper snowflakes and brightly coloured birds! How about you?

  2. oooh paper snowflakes - do show a picture.
    Ours has lots of lights, silver baubles and the 'wow that was expensive' globe bauble.

  3. the candy stripes are so stunning! your blog is gorgeous and because I've been busy I find there is loads to catch up on which is lovely


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