Thursday, 22 March 2012

sad Andromache

Yes the boxes of school files keeps coming. Scribbled in the corner of an 'A' Level Classical Civilization file was this poem. I remember it and so am now storing it here for safe keeping.

Parting in war time Frances Cornford

How long ago Hector took off his plume,
Not wanting that his little sons should cry
Then kissed his sad Andromache goodbye -
And now we three in Euston waiting room.



  1. Hurrah for Classical Civilisation A levels, I studied it too. Clearly you are a woman of taste and discernment (as if your blog even for a second did not reveal that!).

    I've never seen that poem before, although I have vaguely heard of Francis Cornford. (Didn't he marry a Frances? That must have led to some confusing moments.) It's lovely.

    Helen (gallimaufry)

    1. Helen - Hello fellow Classical Civilization A level student. I keep meaning to re read The Iliad or The Aeneid. Verity reviewed one of the Orange long list which sounded really interesting.

  2. Beautiful!

    Latin A-level here. Nerd R Us?

    1. Hello Laura. Ooh A-Level Latin. I only managed one year of Latin. What other subjects did you study with it?


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