Friday 27 May 2011

Privacy of rain

And finally the rain came....

Privacy of rain

Rain, A plump splash
on tense, bare skin.
Rain. All the May leaves
run upward, shaking.


I love the privacy of rain,
the way it makes things happen
on verandahs, under canopies
or in the shelter of trees
as a door slams and a girl runs out
into the black-wet leaves.
By the brick wall an iris
sucks up the rain
like intricate food, its tongue
sherbetty, furred.

Rain. All the May leaves
run upward, shaking.
On the street, bud-silt
covers the windscreens.

Helen Dunmore


Oh to have been snuggled indoors with cake and a good film, but alas I was at work. Here's hoping for a dry Bank Holiday. What are your plans?


  1. Oh but I do love a rainy day tucked under blankets with an old film, good book and a plentiful supply of tea and cake. And someone who likes the same things as well, of course!

  2. This rain is so welcome, as everything is so dry! But it is also the first weekend for about 20 years that me and Hub are ON OUR OWN, with no kids around, so it will be weird!

  3. Tonia - ooh yes important to either be alone or with someone else who likes it too - and a big enough sofa!
    potterjotter - Enjoy your weekend!


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