Monday, 16 May 2011

oh, those lilac bushes!

16th May - Elizabeth and her German Garden

'-oh, those lilac bushes! They are all out to-day, and the garden is drenched with scent. I have bought in armfuls, the picking is such a delight, and every pot and bowl and tub in the house is filled with purple glory... I go from room to room gazing at the sweetness, and the windows are all flung open so as to join the scent within to the scent without;' Elizabeth von Arnim

wedding flowers

Which scent without would you like to join you within?


  1. I'd like to track the summer by having a succession of lilacs, followed by roses, followed by honeysuckle, please! Greedy, yes.

  2. Delightful passage and a beautiful photo! I know exactly what she means :-) In the spring, I quite enjoy the scent of Hyacinths in a room but thay have to be distributed carefully or it can become cloying. I also love the earthy smell of Geranium leaves - so reassuring. There are others but I can't think of any at the moment! But yes, roses are exquisite. Flowers are such a boon to the senses.

  3. My personal fave is sweet peas. Just so heady and fills the room. Lilacs good also though.

  4. Tonia - oh the scent of honeysuckle. I used to plan a walk just to walk past a honelysuckle bush.
    Cristina - absolutely 'a boon to the senses.' So well put.
    potterjotter - Sweetpeas - just recently I've been wishing I had sweet peas in my wedding bouquet.


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