Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The colour of happiness

One of our memories of Granny is the colour lilac. It suited her eyes, her grey hair, her whole being.

.... 'Her [Galuzina] favourite colour was a violet-mauve, the colour of church vestments on certain solemn days, the colour of lilac in bud, the colour of her best velvet dress and of her set of crystal goblets. It was the colour of happiness and of her memories, and Russia, too, in her virginity before the revolution, seemed to her to her to have been the colour of lilac.' Boris Pasternak Dr. Zhivago

image - so sorry the credit was lost when blogger had it's upset in May.

Do you have a colour associated to a precious person in your life?


  1. Well, I associate the hubby with a kind of sludgy green colour - every other shirt is that colour. Our granny too was a lilac person and she also loved watching the butterflies on her lilac bush outside her window where she sat.

  2. potterjotter - ooh I really like the butterfly part of the story.


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