Monday, 19 April 2010

Marrakech Express

The fireplace in one of the nooks around the pool.
Sunlight slithering through the souk.

Eating in Jemaa El Fna

Yves Saint Laurent's Majorelle Gardens.

Our poolside view. Oh my it was lovely.

And then this happened....
and suddenly this quote is appropriate.
When I stored it I didn't imagine it would ever be used for this purpose.
'You have a long voyage, and a strange country, before you; but many men will have both, to the end of time. The winds you are going to tempt, have wafted thousands upon thousands to fortune, and brought thousands upon thousands hapily back.' Charles Dickens David Copperfield
We're thankful to have made it home relatively swiftly, very safely and in good spirits. My were we pleased to see my father's smiling face at Dover at 3am.

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