Monday, 5 April 2010


So the blossom has finally arrived and I can post this. I've been waiting. I think you've been waiting too. 'every tree appeared to be entirely covered with a waving mass of pink or mauve tissue paper.' Nancy Mitford The Pursuit of Love I like to walk under blossom trees. To look up and see blue sky and the twinkling gold gem of sunlight glistening through. There are certain streets where I know the blossom will be. I stalk them waiting for the first glimpse. I want masses of blossom. Maybe more than one tree. Just in case I can't get my fix some blossom inspiration so it can pervade the whole of life. A clutch for when a coat is still needed but one wants to feel spring like. Welcome to our cherry blossom flat. Where blossom is everywhere. Even the mundane like the door mat. A wall of blossom in the bedroom, or the bathroom. To gaze at contemplate. A lifting of spirits. For days when there's no blossom. Or perhaps I should resist these and stop searching for more images. Store the picture of blossom in my memory. Is blossom so special because it's temporary? We can't catch it. Keep it for ourselves. It needs to stay on the trees. And then stay in our minds until spring time comes once more.

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