Wednesday, 5 June 2013

long mornings

'June came in with fields of white clover, and Catherine spent long mornings in the open, reading to Audrey whilst Adam slept and the sunny countryside slept too, mile after undistinguished mile, all about them. Swifts swung overhead, blue church spires pricked the distance, the scent of clover was solid on the windless air.' Elizabeth Cambridge Hostages to Fortune
In the blissful ignorance before TT is born I like to imagine sitting under our apple tree reading whilst TT sleeps or plays. If I manage it once with our current weather then I shall be content.


  1. I read the Hobbit during long night feeds when my daughter was tiny. Not necessarily the most apt read, but it kept me awake in the wee small hours. The ignorance is blissful, but the reality even more so. Yes, even with the disturbed nights!

    1. Tonia - I've downloaded some classic children's books for those 'wee small hours.' So pleased to hear that the reality is also bliss.


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