Friday, 7 June 2013

a dress so flowery

'Miss Marriot tying up the clematis and wearing a dress so flowery that many foiled bees buzzed angrily round her for a moment before going on to the less deceiving columbines.' Mollie Panter-Downes It's the real thing this time in Good evening, Mrs Craven


I doubt I'll be wearing a dress like this.


  1. That dress is awesome, and the headscarf, necklace and bangles - you can wear jewellery!

    1. Lilac - I know isn't it a wonderful outfit. I like the daydreaming ability of blogging - if only I had an outfit like that....

  2. I love florals, but I rarely wear them. That dress is beautiful - I don't think I'd like bees buzzing around me, though.

  3. "There she sat, with twenty miles of view behind her, and he placed the dripping baby on her knee. It shone now with health and beauty; it seemed to reflect light, like a copper vessel."
    E.M. Foster 'Where Angels Fear to Tread.'

    I'm waiting, oh, so patiently to hear of the new arrival! /:-)

    1. Share - what a wonderful quote. Baby has arrived & all well. Will post soon, thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Like Share My Garden, I've been checking to see if you have an update, hope all is well. x

    1. Lilac - thank you so much for your thoughts. Just need to download a photo & put a post up. All very well & very busy.

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  6. The flowers on the dress are really beautiful. The dress with flowers looks magnificent.


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